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Welcome to Taiwan Science and Technology Hub@ Stanford!

The Taiwan Science and Technology Hub is a Stanford office that serves as a bridge for facilitating science and technology talent training and exchanges. The purpose of the Hub is to Connect, Enable, Empower our bilateral community.

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The Taiwan S&T Hub office was established in 2023, dedicated to fostering bilateral communication between Taiwanese and Silicon Valley with a focus on Science and Technology. The primary objective of the Taiwan S&T Hub is to facilitate the collaboration of Taiwan and the US academic and entrepreneurial communities, starting with Silicon Valley.

Our programs include a postdoctoral fellowship program at Stanford, an annual symposium, seminars and networking events.

Stanford University is Taiwan S&T Hub’s first partner to help facilitate collaborative activities between Taiwan and the US in scientific research, academics, innovation, and education and workforce development.



We are a Hub that aims to connect, enable and empower talent cultivation with the scientific and technological assets of Taiwan

Postdoctoral Fellowship

Postdoctoral Fellowships provide the opportunity for early career scientists from Taiwan to work for one year with Stanford University faculty members in sciences, engineering, medicine or entrepreneurship. 

Symposium and Events

We host an annual symposium, seminars and networking events to bring together the academic, industrial, and entrepreneurial communities of Taiwan and the San Francisco Bay Area Community.

Faculty Exchange

We invite and support Stanford faculty to share research findings locally in Taiwan to foster engagement of our bilateral community.

Taiwan ST Hub Office

The Taiwan S&T Hub office is situated in the Shriram Center of the Science and Engineering Quad (SEQ), which is comprised of four distinct buildings -- two of which are named after successful Taiwanese entrepreneurs, Jensen Huang and Jerry Yang. These buildings are interconnected at the basement level to promote interaction.

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