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2024 Postdoctoral Fellowship Applications

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Taiwan Science and Technology Hub @Stanford (Taiwan S&T Hub) is established in 2023 with generous support from the Taiwanese National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). The mission of Taiwan S&T Hub is to facilitate bilateral researcher interaction between Taiwan and the Stanford communities. The purpose of the program is to bring outstanding early career scientists with great promise to Stanford University for a one-year postdoctoral experience of study and research. The program is open to scholars from Taiwan (a Taiwanese resident who may be currently residing in or outside of Taiwan) with a Ph.D degree in science, engineering, or medicine. Successful candidates will have a strong record of achievement, clear intellectual drive to advance science and technology, and a commitment to engage collaboratively with a diverse community of scholars. The Postdoctoral Fellows are given opportunities to participate in a broad range of interdisciplinary activities and programs that characterize Stanford’s approach to research and education

For this round of applications, all STEM research is eligible, and the following areas are encouraged:

  1. Semiconductor Technology and Quantum Technology
  2. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
  3. Flexible Electronics, Electronic Materials and Devices, Advanced Manufacturing
  4. Precision Health, Regenerative Medicine
  5. Net Zero Technology, Energy and Sustainable Materials and Devices
  6. Space Technology


The applicant must contact the potential host Stanford faculty in whose laboratory/department/institute at Stanford University the applicant seeks to work. The applicant is required to submit a research statement together with an endorsement letter from the host faculty as a confirmation of willingness to serve as a host. 

Please note: Stanford University will fully shut down for Winter Holidays starting Dec. 20th through the New Year. Please make sure to contact potential advisors before then. We will not accept an application without a faculty confirmation.

Criteria and Conditions

At the time the postdoc fellowship period starts, the applicants must be within 4 years of their Ph.D. graduation date and from Taiwan (a Taiwan resident who may be currently residing in or outside of Taiwan).

The Fellowship is a full-time position and cannot be combined with other stipends or positions. The postdoc fellow will be appointed as a Stanford Postdoc through the department of the faculty host. 

The Fellowship is for a period of one year of postdoctoral studies. The amount will be approximately USD 71,000 annually (the amount may be adjusted in September each year in accordance with the standard rate of Stanford University). In addition to the salary, the Fellows will receive the standard Stanford postdoc medical benefits. The Fellows must follow the Stanford Code of Conduct as well as policy. 

A final report is required 2 months after completion of the one-year fellowship.

A complete application should contain:

  • Curriculum Vitae (including publications, honors and recognition, full legal name, contact information, and (expected) date of PhD, which must be received by the start of the fellowship).
  • Statement (max 1 page): include the candidate’s career goals, relevant experience, and how the fellowship would help advance the fellow’s career goals.
  • Research statement (max 2 pages): a description of research interest and plans, and rationales for the choice of potential host faculty group.
  • Two letters of recommendation total, with one letter from the candidate’s PhD advisor encouraged.
  • An endorsement letter from the potential Stanford host faculty confirming willingness to host the candidate. (Please follow This Format)

The application shall be written in English and submitted as one single PDF file

(The recommendation letter could either be combined in the upload file or send to

Application submission and starting period

  • The application deadline is 11:59pm, Dec. 31st (Sun.), 2023 (Pacific Standard Time).
  • For this round of Fellowships, the starting date must be no later than Oct. 31st, 2024.
  • Please send your inquiries to: and c.c

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